Questions and answers about our services

I need help, who do I contact?
You can call, email or chat with us anytime, 24/7 at (860) 269-6511 or travel@recruiter.com
What is the Travel Rewards Club?
The Travel Rewards Club is a private, Members Only suite of special Travel orientated products and services that are not available to the general public.
What is the difference between the Travel Rewards Club Freemium Membership and the Premium membership?
The Travel Rewards Club Freemium Membership is a no-cost, lower service Membership offered with limited special benefits to Travel Rewards Club customers. The Travel Rewards Club Premium membership adds extensively to the overall benefits available exclusively for Travel Rewards Club customers, providing amazing included benefits such as Airport Lounge Access, Private-Jet medical repatriation, Members Only Cruises and so much more.
How can I upgrade to the Premium membership?
You can upgrade at any time from the member portal.
How much does the Premium Membership cost?
The premium membership costs $228.95. For a full overview of the benefits, please click here.
What happens if I want to cancel my Membership?
Oh no! We hope not, but if you do feel the Travel Rewards Club suite of benefits and services is no longer for you, please call us and we'll help you out.
How do I get support with billing?
You can update your payment details and member information at any time on the main Member Subscription module. Click here to access.
I need help with my login details
You can reset or change your login details any time from the Subscription module.
Is my Travel Rewards Club login details the same as my Recruiter.com login details?
The login credentials for your Travel Rewards Club are independent from your Recruiter.com login details, but you can change them in the Member Subscription module if you like.
I need to cancel or change a travel booking I made.
That's what we are here for! We love helping our Members with their travel plans, and remember we never charge anything for service of any kind – unlike the big guys.
What are the general terms and conditions?
You can find our general terms and conditions here.
Will I save money on travel bookings?
Yes! As a closed Membership program, we can provide un-published fares and rates that the big guys can't. You can regularly save more than 50% on hotel bookings from all around the world.
How much can I save?
We have created a special savings discount calculator so you can quickly build a good idea, but our average Members will easily save over $2,000 per year, and often much more. Our special benefits are not just confined to travel products, we have special savings programs designed to save you money every day and at brands and services you are very likely already using.
How do I learn more?
Each of our exclusive Member Benefits are listed within the Member portal as well as within the terms and conditions section, but of course, we're here to help just give us a call.


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